A wonderful, London based architect, with whom I have worked in the past, contacted me earlier this year to recommend me to his clients, to do the garden design for an extensive refurbishment project he was doing in Richmond. The scope of the works for the house is focused on a new lower ground floor level, and is full of innovative ideas such as video streaming ‘live’ a film of the garden on to one of the walls in the family room downstairs, to bring the outside in and to give the room  less of a subterranean feel.  So, as you can see, the garden plays an important role in the whole scheme of this project!

The clients are a delightful professional couple, who love plants and want their small urban garden to serve as both a great space to entertain their friends and a space where they can enjoy the year round pleasure of flowering shrubs, trees and perennials.  It is important to both the clients and the architect that the garden design should make the transition from a contemporary house into the garden seem seamless.  In order to do this, in my own design I followed the semi-circular lines that the new lower ground floor has created and echoed that theme throughout the garden design as a whole.  

In addition, as the architect has designed some quite unique features, I decided to find materials for the garden that mirrored some of these qualities, so that I could better unify the two designs.  For instance, there is a freestanding wall to one side of the terrace, which the architect has designed, with a pattern of glass blocks within the wall, to allow for some light to glow through.  I managed to source a wonderful water feature which has a glass wall etched with a very similar block pattern, down which the water flows, which truly reflects the wonderful glass blocks in the free standing wall.  

There is also a simple lighting scheme in the garden, that highlights the features and lights up the lower terrace. This relatively small town garden will look lovely both day and night, both inside on the wall of the lower ground floor and outside in the garden itself.


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