Cumnor Oxfordshire OX2

This commission came from wonderful clients who had travelled extensively and picked up some treasures on their journeys, which were important to include into the garden design.  The house is the last house in a gated new development of 4 houses in the pretty village of Cumnor, Oxfordshire. There is a small front garden, a small back garden and a narrow strip of land all down the side of the site.  One of the first things the client said, was that she needed a ‘cricket practice strip’, as her two sons were mad keen on cricket and wanted to practice their bowling when they were home. This cricket practice pitch is hidden in the garden design behind an evergreen hedge and does not detract from the beauty of the garden, as you see the design from the house. 

The garden is accessed through a stunning conservatory and to give the clients ample seating without blocking off the garden too much, I designed a semi-circular patio for the outside seating area. Outside the kitchen, and to the side of the house, is a small formal garden, with gravel paths and a beautiful central urn.  The gravel path then continues and leads you to one of the treasures the clients picked up in Morocco, a marble fountain with marble surround. The planting in the garden design is 50% evergreen, as the garden is so visible from the house it needs to look good even in the winter months. Wherever there are perennials, which give beautiful colour in Summer and Autumn, there are also tulips under planted, which provide an array of colours in the Spring.


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